Bay Area

Community Church

July  21-29, 2018

Thank you for being a blessing for our church this week and we’re excited to see you again next year!

Víctor Turcios

Missions Pastor and local staff

Great Commision Church San Salvador.

Sunday, July 22nd

Welcome, Bay Area Community Church!

Sunday, the team joined us for Sunday service where Pastor Víctor spoke on resolving conflicts. After lunch at the Turcios home, the missionaries hosted an afternoon of sports for the youth of our San Salvador church.

Ty Grossman shared his story and about the importance of avoiding bad influences in our lives. Thank you, Ty, and to the rest of the team for your participation! We’re ready for tomorrow!

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Monday, July 23rd

Monday we split into two groups! 
A group went to the volcano and started putting drywall in the dental clinic and painting railings around the property. In Soyapango, we spent time with the children of the CDC, hosted bible studies, helped make lunch in the kitchen and gave out dozens of pairs of glasses to those in need.

We had a great time and are expectant of what God has for us the rest of the week. We are ready for tomorrow!

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Tuesday, July 24th

Wednesday, July 25th

Bay Area worked really hard and got lots done today!

Everyone served at the Volcano CDC through Bible lessons, English practice, the glasses campaign, prepping lunch and conducting surveys at neighboring homes to raise awareness for our dental clinic and invite people to church.

The team completed the project of painting the railing and stairs at the dental clinic and admin building as well as installing drywall in the dental clinic. We’re excited for Thursday!

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Tuesday the team from Bay Area divided and conquered once again!

Most of the team went to our Soyapango CDC where they continued to give out free glasses (to over 75 people!), taught the children about the Lost Son, conducted Bible studies for mothers and teenagers and learned to make pupusas in the kitchen. 
The rest of team headed to the Volcano CDC where they continued construction. They worked on painting the stairs of our admin building and began to clear the weeds from the open area at the back of the property that we hope to use to plant more vegetables.

Thanks for all of your hard work today, Bay Area, we're excited for tomorrow!


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"This trip was the best run trip I've been a part of! An impactful itinerary was executed timely, safely and with the mission team thoughtfully considered at every turn. Come to GCLA San Salvador!"


Scotty Bruce


Thursday, July 26th

What a day! 
The team from Bay Area made the most of their second day together at the Volcano CDC. They continued clearing space for more garden area, built a bed for a child in need, and visited several houses where one woman accepted Christ.

They also won over all the kids by making slime to show how God makes unexciting things and adds beautiful things to our lives to make something amazing! 
Thank you, Lord, for the day you gave us.

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Friday, July 27th

Friday was a great way to finish off the week serving with the team from Bay Area! The team helped to deliver six new beds to children in need, continued to teach them about God’s love for them and helped out in the kitchen. At the end of the day, the children took time to say a special goodbye and a “see you soon” to our friends. Thank you, Bay Area, for your dedication to the gospel and heart for the people of El Salvador.

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