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Our children receive regular nutritional check-ups and each day the children eat a wholesome lunch. Unfortunately, in many cases, this lunch is the only meal the children receive each day. For this reason, there are many malnourishment and health problems in the community, making the services our Centers provide invaluable.

Medical Care

Through our partnership with the Total Health Organization, both Development Centers provide preventative and general medical care to each child in our program, dramatically improving their quality of life. This healthcare is provided by Dr. Inri Canales in the Volcano and Dr. Julio Valencia in Soyapango.

Dental Care

Our Dental Clinic at the Volcano Center provides preventative and general dental care to the children at that Center. We are also able to provide some services to the children at our Soyapango Center as well. 

Educational Tutoring

A high percentage of the children’s parents cannot read and write. Therefore, they are unable help their children with their homework. For this reason, our CDC staff and volunteer tutors help the children with their homework and teach reinforcement classes based on the greatest academic needs of the children.

Hope through Jesus

Above all, our Children’s Development Centers provide the love of Christ that many children in El Salvador do not know. Numerous children in Guayabo and Soyapango come from homes where one or both parents have abandoned them, siblings have been taken by gang violence or they are reminded daily that love is conditional. Our staff, volunteers and mission teams work tirelessly to show these beautiful children that although the love of humans can and will fail us, the love of Christ is unconditional and Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. If at the end of the day, each child returns home knowing Jesus loves them, our work was successful.

Biblical Values

Our CDC Staff, volunteers, and mission teams from the U.S. teach Bible lessons so the children learn to live according to the Word of God. The Gospel is always the core of our teaching. We regularly encourage the children to receive Christ as their Savior.


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