CedarCreek Church

June  16-23, 2018

Thank you for being a blessing for our church this week and we’re excited to see you again next year!

Víctor Turcios

Missions Pastor and local staff

Great Commision Church San Salvador.

Monday, June 11th

On our first day with CedarCreek we went to Soyapango.
The team helped out on multiple tasks with children and their parents, but also built beds for the children who were in need.

It was an amazing first day and we hope that the rest of the week ends up being as great as today or even better.

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Tuesday, June 12th

Thank you, CedarCreek Church, for all of your hard work at our Soyapango CDC! Tuesday they continued to host Bible studies, evangelize in the clinic, help out in the kitchen and teach the children about the story of Jonah.

They also put the finishing touches on four beds for children in our program and got to personally deliver three of them! And the best of all, members of the team prayed with two people in Soyapango to accept Christ as their Savior.

And tomorrow, the team is off to serve those at our Volcano CDC!

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Wednesday, June 13th

Thursday, June 14th

Day 4: the missionary team headed up to the volcano again to teach the kids about faith and prayer with the story of the fiery furnace and the story of Jonah.

They also went to two house visits, finished painting the beds, and fixed one of the swings.
The day wrapped up at Pastor Victor's house with delicious tacos!

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Wednesday was CedarCreek's first day at the Volcano! They got straight to work on a new mural, playground maintenance and making FIVE more beds for children in our program to take home.

They also visited and prayed with two families and continued to teach our children about the value of prayer.

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Friday, June 15th

Friday was an amazing end to our week with CedarCreek Church! They put the finishing touches on five new beds and were able to deliver them to their new owners! Also, they finished a new mural to remind all those that see it that God loves them.

Thank you, CedarCreek, for all of your hard work, open hearts and generosity this week. We love you!

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Saturday, June 16th

We are overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for the week we had with CedarCreek Church! They built 9 beds for children in need, created a beautiful new mural, taught our children about prayer and prayed with five people to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Thank you, CedarCreek, for showing the people we serve what love in action looks like.


"I was blown away by the passion every person I met was for what is happening here in El Salvador. It is amazing what they are acomplishing here and I am so blessed I had the opportunity to be part of that. The centers, the church, the children, the locals, my team, were all life changing and I consider them all a piece of my heart forever"


Hunter Dennis-Wyckoff


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