Jocelyn Compton

My experience on this tip was amazing. This team already in El Salvador was so welcoming and fun. My favorite parts of the trip were playing with the kids, hanging out with the high school students at Ceren, going to the beach, and trying new food. My least favorite parts were saying goodbye, sweating and having a language gap which I was able to overcome. At Ceren, 20+ students came to Christ. I would have never imagined how much of a difference we can make. I saw God at work this week and that was ultimately the best part of my experience.

Amy Helwig

This trip was so crazy and incredible, and I SO glad I went. I loved getting to know the kids and connecting with them over different things. It was so interesting to experience a different culture and see how they worship and live here. Sharing the Gospel as well helped me grow in my faith and confidence for sure.

Amy Helwig

It’s always a pleasure to return to a place where there were positive memories made and the same is true in El Salvador. It’s such a beautiful country full of beautiful-spirited people. I’ve enjoyed sharing the Gospel at a local high school, doing home visits and sharing God’s goodness with the children. And as always, it’s always nice to see the in-country team!

Amie Merriken

I had a fantastic trip working with youth at the high school. I loved people able to connect with the students on a deeper level. It’s great to be able to share the Gospel in a secular school so liberally.

Zachary Essamuah

I’ve learned that it’s not always what we can do for others, it’s what you can learn from others’ lives and their presence. My faith in God’s love and power has a better foundation/root because of this trip. I hope that in the future, I Will bring more people along with me on mission trips and stay true to myself.

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