Dental Mission 

July  7-13, 2018

They provided dental care to over 340 patients and performed an estimated $230,000 worth of procedures.

Thank you for being a blessing for our church this week and we’re excited to see you again next year!

Víctor Turcios

Missions Pastor and local staff

Great Commision Church San Salvador.

Sunday, July 8th

We had a great day with the dental team! After attending church in the morning we headed to the Boquerón crater for a hike and the views. Then, we headed to our Volcano CDC to set up all the dental stations that will be at work tomorrow. We finished off the night with a beautiful dinner at a volcano restaurant. Now off to bed to get some rest before the first day of the clinic tomorrow!

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Monday, July 9th

What a great day for the dental campaign with the mission team!

The doctors and the rest of the team perfomed cleanings, extractions, fillings and sealants just to name a few.

We're excited to see what God will do through the campaign again tomorrow!

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Tuesday, July 10th

Wednesday, July 11th

What a great day we spent again at the Volcano with the dental team! 
On wednesday, all the children from our CDC in Soyapango and their parents were bussed up the Volcano so that they could also be seen by the doctors.

The team was also able to deliver a couple of the beds they made and also finish a beautiful new mural. Thanks for all of your hard work today!

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Tuesday was another day packed with dental consults and treatments for the people on the Volcano!

The dental mission also worked on painting the 11 beds they constructed yesterday and were able to deliver two of them in the afternoon.

They also continued to lead the children from the CDC in worship and teaching them about the Good Samaritan. Thanks for all your hard work, we’re ready for tomorrow!


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We are beyond thankful to God for all that God accomplished through the dental team that was with us this week. 
Seeing all of the work done for the community around our Volcano CDC and also for the chldren of our Soyapango CDC is was inspring. 

We hope to see them again sometime soon. Thank you!


"I feel very blessed by this opportunity. I met beautiful people and working with the children was an inspiration. Seing young people involved in this project is an inspiration. My Lord God please bless everyone."


Luz Stroh


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