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Hi, I'm Lionel!

Hi, I'm Lionel! I'm eight years old and I'm in second grade. I live in Soyapango with my mom, dad, grandparents and siblings. 

I love playing soccer and basketball with my best friends, who also go to the CDI. I also love math class and science class. My favorite things to eat are fish, pork rinds, refried beans and lobster. My dream is to become a professional soccer player!


  1. Visit http://igcla.com/cdisponsor/ and select GIVE NOW.

  2. Amount: $50.00

  3. Frequency: Recurring, Monthly

  4. Fund: Soyapango, El Salvador

  5. Please email our Sponsorship Coordinator, Ali Cruz, at ali.howard12@gmail.com to let us know which child you would like to sponsor so we can match your giving accordingly.