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Feb 29th - March 7th, 2020

What a blessing to have NorthRock for the first time with us! The team was building beds, painting a mural and more! We were so happy to have them with us! We know we will see you all back soon!

Thanks for all your support and friendship.

Víctor Turcios

Missions Pastor and local staff

Great Commision Church San Salvador.

Sunday, March 1st

What a great first day serving with NorthRock Church!

They started off the day worshipping with our San Salvador church.

After grabbing lunch at the Turcios home, we teamed up with members of our Soyapango church for door-to-door evangelism in the community.
We are praising God for the person who accepted Christ with us today!

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Monday, March 2nd

The NorthRock team went right to work today serving the people of Soyapango!

At our CDC, they hosted a Bible study for parents of new children in our program.
They also helped to prepare lunch for the children and were able to build FIVE beds for kids in need that we’ll be delivering soon. 

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Tuesday, March 3rd

We are praising God for an amazing final day serving in Soyapango today with NorthRock Church!


The five kids that received their very own bed were full of joy and gratefulness towards the team for their generosity.


In the afternoon, the older kids learned about what the Bible says about loving others and the youngest class learned about obedience through the story of Jonah.

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Wednesday, March 4th

We spent a great day with NorthRock Church as they visited our CDC in the Volcano for the first time.


They got right to work serving in the dental clinic, building beds, starting a mural and visiting local families. 

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Thursday, March 5th

The time came for the kids in the Volcano to say goodbye, thank you, and God bless you to our friends from NorthRock Church.


The team finished strong in delivering beds, teaching Bible classes and working on the mural honoring the story of Jonah. We are so grateful for their hard work this week so that more people would know Jesus!

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Friday, March 6th

Thank you, NorthRock for all your support and friendship. 



"This was my second time in El Salvador and working with the CDIs. I continue to be blown away by the organization, diligence and compassion of this organization. This trip was life-changing and I am forever a missionary because of GCLA."


Danie Nelson

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