Total Health Clinics: Impacting Communities and Transforming Lives

Updated: May 7, 2018

The Total Health Clinics administered in the San Salvador Volcano and the city of Soyapango provide medical health services to people with scarce resources who would otherwise not have access to quality health care. But that's not it. The medical consultations that each person receives from Dr. Inri Canales in the Volcano and Dr. Julio Valencia in Soyapango doesn't stop at diagnosis and medication as needed. The doctors also care for the emotional and spiritual needs of each patient, because they know that physical health must be accompanied by good mental and emotional health. Many single mothers receive advice on how to care for their children, parents receive advice on how to love and take care of their families and youth are lead to separate themselves from toxic relationships to avoid them falling into dangerous patterns of behavior. All patients are encouraged to acknowledge God as our true Healer and Jesus Christ as the Savior of their spiritual lives.

It is because of said integral care that the Total Health Clinics not only contribute to healthy bodies but also to healthy souls and spirits of the patients being seen.

250 patients seen each month in the Volcano

250 patients seen each month in Soyapango

10 people hear the gospel on average each month

25 people invited to church each month

50 patients receive some type of advice each month to help them deal with doubt, lack of faith, lack of hope or family problems

Ana Maria, a patient of the clinics, expressed that going to receive a consultation was like drinking fresh water when you are thirsty.

Angela Umanzor expressed her gratefulness because her embolism was discovered in time for her to be treated at a hospital, saving her life.

Carlos Amaya expressed that he could not believe the quality of kind and selfless care he received at the clinic, stating the doctor is like an angel sent by God.

Thank you to the Total Health organization for providing for the doctors' salaries and medications and to all of our friends that support the clinics with other materials so that we can operate efficiently.

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Víctor Turcios. Pastor.

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