Mission Teams: Transforming Communities, Changing Lives

Updated: May 7, 2018

Great Commission Church in San Salvador has had Mission Teams from various churches and organizations from the United States as our partners for years. Together we have helped dozens of communities and families reconstruct and repair their homes, provide beds and food, helped thousands of people from child to elderly with nutrition, medical and dental care, tutoring and the instruction of Biblical values. We have been able to provide shoes, school backpacks, clothing, etc. The most important thing is that we have presented God through these acts of kindness and love, sharing the gospel and seeing hundreds of people receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

And all of that is just the beginning. Through our projects including our two Children´s Development Centers, Dental Clinic, two Medical Clinics, and soon our Workshop Center to house computer classes and trade workshops we have the opportunity to keep making an impact with the gospel in 2018 and in years to come. We want to help the hundreds and even thousands of people living in poverty that need our help and need to meet Jesus as their Savior.

We give many thanks to the Mission Teams and organizations that have visited us in the last five years: Rock City Church, Bay Area Community Church, CedarCreek Church, Stonebrooke Church, New Life Church, City Church, Pompey Community Church, Kennebec church, Dayspring Fellowship Church, Wellborn Baptist Church, Xperience Church and Total Health to name some. We have transformed communities and we have changed lives. Thank you to all of you for your support.

We would also like to thank the many men and women that have accepted the challenge of leading these Mission Team. To name a few, thank you to: Dr. Eva Gregory, Tony Pierson, Dr. Gene Bailey, Nate Eckhart, Rich Durflinger, Jamie Byrum, John Ransom, Dax and Kelli Welsheimer, Bill Trout, Jim and Cindy Casey, Andy Gish, Steve and Janice Onken, Jorge and Sarah Solorzano, Johnita Dickerson, Chris Gentz, Lisandro Trevino, Steve Gray, Trevor Cuffe, Wendall Pohl, Karen Allen, Trey Dunham, Kap Otten, Jon Kiser, Jon Avery, Mary Allen, Duane Smith, Kristina Walters, Chad Whisenant, Matt Baringer

And although some churches have diversified their efforts to serve other parts of the world, we will always be forever grateful that they accepted the call of God to support us in the task of preaching the gospel and attending to those in greatest need. At the same time we want to you to continue participating and being our partners by: praying for us, sponsoring one of the children at our Centers, financially supporting development projects and of course by sending more missionaries. The task we have begun will always need our attention to sustain our rate of growth. The churches, pastors, leaders and members of each Mission Team will always be welcome and will have our thanks for your partnership and friendship. A thousand thanks for helping us to transform communities and change lives.

Víctor Turcios, Pastor.

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