Rock City Church &

Wellborn Baptist Church

June  9-16, 2018

Thank you for being a blessing for our church this week and we’re excited to see you again next year!

Víctor Turcios

Missions Pastor and local staff

Great Commision Church San Salvador.

Sunday, June 10th

Day One: Sunday we had the opportunity to join the Rock City and Wellborn team at our church service in San Salvador, where we learned about being attentive to God’s correction.

Then, we headed to lunch at the Turcios home before learning all about Salvadoran history at a local museum. Finally, the team grabbed some snacks at the grocery store before dinner.

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Monday, June 11th

Day two: the mission team woke up early and had their devotional at the hotel to get ready to head up to the CDC at the volcano. There they went to two house visits and taught the kids about faith with the story of Isaiah and Rahab.

They also helped to build and paint beds for the kids of the center that don't have one.

The day wrapped up at Pastor Victor's house where they enjoyed the famous tortilla soup.

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Tuesday, June 12th

Wednesday, June 13th

Wednesday was our first day at the Soyapango CDC! We shared in class with the children in the morning, we had a Bible study with some of the mothers who have their children in our program and we shared the gospel to the people who came to our medical clinic.

Some of them helped in the kitchen for the children's lunch and in the afternoon we hosted two Bible study groups.

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Day three: Tuesday we started off with teaching the children about having the faith of a mustard seed, we went on house visits to encourage people to always invite church and we continued work on building beds for kids in need! We were even able to deliver our first bed to it's new home.

We're excited about spending our first day tomorrow at the CDC in Soyapango.

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Thursday, June 14th

Second and last day in Soyapango!

We continued teaching the kids about faith and shared the gospel in the clinic and in bible studies for the parents of the children in our program. 
The kids loved playing games including water and balloons!

before we left the CDC, the kids surprised the missionaries with a small gift. Now we're ready for our last day tomorrow in the volcano!

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Friday, June 15th

Friday was our last day at the Volcano! We had a busy morning with the children and with finishing up painting to be able to deliver three more beds today.
In the afternoon we had the chance to share the gospel to a mother of two of our CDC children and to finish up, the kids surprised the missionaries with a goodbye ceremony.

Thank you, Wellborn Baptist Church and Rock City Church for being a blessing to us this week

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Saturday, June 16th

Saturday was our last day in El Salvador with the teams from Rock City Church and Wellborn Baptist Church!

We took a break from our amazing week at the CDCs in the Volcano and Soyapango and went to the beach. It was a great time and we enjoyed our time with the teams and locals.

Thank you for being a blessing for our church this week and we’re excited to see you again next year!


"I absolutely adored the people of San Salvador. The trip leader, local translators, center staff, the kids at the centers, and all of the families I met were wonderful "


Allison Crasi


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