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  1. Visit http://igcla.com/cdi/sponsor-a-child/ and select GIVE NOW. 

  2. Amount: $45.00

  3. Frequency: Recurring, Monthly

  4. Fund: "El Guayabo, El Salvador" for a child in The Volcano or "Soyapango, El Salvador" for a child in Soyapango.

  5. Memo: The name of the child you would like to sponsor


Please email our Child Sponsorship coordinator, Ali Howard, at ali.howard12@gmail.com so we can verify that your sponsorship was processed correctly.

For more information about sponsorship, download this PDF.

With your monthly gift of $45

you can be a part of true change

happening in the life of your sponsor child.  

Click on a child's photo or name to learn  about them and to sign up for sponsorship!

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