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Each week we continue to see more and more patients in the dental clinic. Unfortunately, we can only financially support our dentist for two days a week.


As the need for proper dental care continues to grow amongst our children and the surrounding community, we now see the need to have a full time dentist on staff.


If you would like to be apart of financially supporting Dr. Maira’s dental salary please follow the steps below.

  • Click the following link:

  • Under “How much would you like to change the world today?” select “other” and enter in the amount you would like to donate (example: $20)

  • Under Donation Frequency select “Monthly”

  • Select and enter your payment information 

  • Under “I want my donation to be designated toward” select “Guayabo CDI Center - San Salvador”

  • Under “I want my donation to be dedicated” type “Dental Salary”

*If you do not do this last step we will not know where you want your donation to go towards.

*Please email Andie Heffelfinger 

at so we can verify that your donation was processed correctly.

Dental Salary


The community in which our Children's Development Center lies is very poor and the children there lack proper nutrition. They have never had access to dental care, which is why many of them live with dental health problems which impedes them from having the highest quality of life. This is how the dream was born to build and construct a dental clinic that would provide dental health services with the goal of helping the community as a whole. 

In 2016, we completed construction on the facilities of our Dental Clinic. Our partner churches, mission teams and local support worked together to make this dream possible. Next, the challenge of equipping the clinic became our next dream and once again, God was good and provided what was necessary to install the first dental station. 

In 2017, Victoria Luhring-Valle, who has visited us several times with mission teams, returned to the United States and promoted this project with the Rotary Club of Maumee, Ohio. After an application process, the Rotary Club decided to give a generous donation so that we could install a second dental station and equip the clinic with necessary instruments and materials to be able to operate for several years. 

Our Director, Silvia Turcios, and Missions Coordinator, Ali Howard, attended the Rotary Club event to officially receive the donation. 

The Dental Clinic currently offers its services to 225 children of the Children's Development Center, their parents and the surrounding communities, potentially benefitting more than 10,000 people with scarce resources that would otherwise not have access to dental health services. 

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Diagnostics and X-ray

  • Clinical exam of the oral cavity and treatment implications

  • X-rays to get an integral diagnosis

Dental Fillings

  • Fillings using composite resin

  • Removal and cleaning of cavities 

Scaling and Dental Curettage

  • Teeth cleanings to treat gum problems and dental calculation


  • Dental hygiene training

  • Teeth cleaning

Root Canals

  • Root canal treatment

Fluoride treatments

  • Fluoride application to strengthen teeth

Pit and fissure sealants

  • Sealant of healthy dental surfaces free of cavities