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Joshua Nathanael Mazariaga Maldonado.JPG

Hi, I'm Joshua!

Hey, I'm Joshua! I'm five years old and I'm in preschool. I live on the San Salvador Volcano with my mommy, daddy, two big brothers and my baby sister. 

At school, I really like music class because we dance and sing. I also like playing soccer with my brothers, Xavier and Nelson. My favorite thing to eat is refried beans with cream and when I grow up I want to be a chef (because my brothers want to be chefs too)!


  1. Visit and select GIVE NOW.

  2. Amount: $50.00

  3. Frequency: Recurring, Monthly

  4. Fund: The Volcano (Guayabo), El Salvador

  5. Please email our Sponsorship Coordinator, Ali Cruz, at to let us know which child you would like to sponsor so we can match your giving accordingly.

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