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  1. Visit and select GIVE NOW. 

  2. Amount: $50.00

  3. Frequency: Recurring, Monthly

  4. Fund: "El Guayabo, El Salvador" for a child in The Volcano or "Soyapango, El Salvador" for a child in Soyapango.

  5. Please email our Sponsorship Coordinator, Pedro Solano, at to let us know which child you would like to sponsor so we can match your giving accordingly. 

For more information about sponsorship, download this PDF.


With your monthly gift of $50

you can be a part of true change

happening in the life of your sponsor child.  

Click on a child's photo or name to learn  about them and to sign up for sponsorship!

Andy Javier Recinos Melara.jpg

Andy Javier Recinos Melara 
The Volcano

Carlos Stanley Hernandez Vasquez.jpg

Carlos Stanley Hernandez Vásquez 
The Volcano

Josué Daniel Melara Mendez.jpg

Josué Daniel Melara Mendez
The Volcano

Ashley Verenice Guzmán Méndez.jpg

Ashley Verenice Guzmán Méndez
The Volcano

Steven Santiago Flores Mendez .jpg

Steven Santiago Flores Mendez
The Volcano

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